Freelance web developer, gamer & thinker.

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About me

I'm Sam, a 17 year old, freelance web developer, gamer and thinker. I enjoy making websites, playing DOTA 2 and other games with my friends, as well as taking photo's and losing at sports! I've been exploring website development since I was 14, and I think I'm starting to get good at it!

Website Development

I can convert your designs into reality! I mostly work with bootstrap and other frameworks, but I'm capable of writing CSS from scratch, for all shapes, sizes and designs. I can develop HTML 5 and CSS 3 Sites from a design, as well as technical advice on server's FTP and other general website administration.

Where to find me

I occasionally use some of these sites, come say hi!


Some of my projects, feel free to explore them!

  • My Old site

    I added it here so you can see how bad I was at web dev a year ago.

  • EU4 Country Picker

    Frontend/backend design and development

  • Cookie-API

    A test project with some friends for discord bots. It's not very well made at the moment!